OMINVEST congratulates injaz students for winning global award

Muscat, June 7, 2022: As part of its corporate citizenship initiative to encourage entrepreneurship and support the growth of SMEs in the Sultanate of Oman, OMINVEST held a congratulatory function at its headquarters for the founders of Bioplastics - an Injaz School-Student Company.

OMINVEST and Injaz Oman applauded Neeam Al Harrasi and Do’aa Al Hashmi, the founders of Bioplastics, whose project secured fourth place out of 1800 other students from around the world at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2022.

For the past four years, OMINVEST’s partnership with Injaz Oman’s Student Company Programme has not only empowered the youth of Oman to become future entrepreneurs but has also helped develop startups and entrepreneurship projects through the establishment of outstanding training experiences that combine theoretical learning with real life application.

As an eco-friendly company, Bioplastics aligns with OMINVEST’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts. The business manufactures bioplastics that are made using natural materials, which makes it a great alternative to industrial plastics. This newly developed material will not only make the mass production of bioplastics affordable but will also contribute to the wider goal of protecting the planet by putting a curb on plastic pollution.

Commending the founders of Bioplastics at the congratulatory function, Khalid Muhammad AlZubair, Chairman of Injaz Oman said “Neeam and Do’aa’s pioneering achievement at ISEF has made us at Injaz Oman very proud. Injaz Oman’s dedication and commitment to fostering entrepreneurial talents and the growth of SMEs in Oman has been exemplary. Our programmes have managed to support around 155,760 students so far, and we have received the “Best Student Company” award at the regional level for three years in a row now. In our effort to develop the skills and abilities of Oman’s youth and to motivate them to achieve their dreams, Injaz Oman has been working very closely with schools, universities and training centres all of which have been a fundamental part of the formula of Injaz Oman’s success across the years.”

Highlighting OMINVEST’s support of entrepreneurial pursuits in Oman, AbdulAziz Al Balushi, CEO of OMINVEST said, “At OMINVEST, we are committed to fostering the growth of SMEs and entrepreneurship in the country. We encourage entrepreneurial projects by students, especially those that make a positive contribution to the environment or the society. Projects like Bioplastic have a significant potential to create such a desired scalable and sustainable impact. We are delighted to support projects that are aimed at preserving the environment using innovative methods such as Neeam an Do’aa’s project and we wish them all the success.

Commenting on Neeam and Do’aa’s ground-breaking project, Khaula Al Harthy, CEO of Injaz Oman said, “We are proud of our students and their incredible achievement. To feature in the top four innovations in the field of science and technology at a forum that attracts more than a thousand students from around the world is an amazing feat. This achievement goes to show the capability of our students and proves that perseverance and hard work are essential for success. We are keen on contributing to the development and enhancement of the skills and abilities of Oman’s youth in the field of research and innovation. Empowering and enabling the next generation will lead to the development of a knowledge-based economy with innovation at the heart of it. We hope that this achievement will be the first of many, and an incentive to reach new heights at both the regional and international level.

Injaz Oman is a non-profit organisation that was established in 2006 as part of Junior Achievement Worldwide with the aim of empowering young people to own their economic success and be prepared for today's business challenges. With the help of its partners and volunteers, INJAZ Oman impacts thousands of students every year bringing them closer to the real world and opening their minds to their own potential.