OMINVEST holds a Knowledge Exchange session on Environmental Conservation in collaboration with ‘Oman In Focus’

In line with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, Oman International Development and Investment Company SAOG (OMINVEST), one of the leading investment firms in the region, held a Knowledge Exchange session in partnership with ‘Oman in Focus’. The session served as a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise by international and local environmental experts with members of the local community, university students, academics, and environmentalists. The dialogue focused on environmental conservation, local wildlife resources, and the development of the Sultanate of Oman as a destination for eco-tourism.

OMINVEST is the Main Partner of ‘Oman In Focus’ for the documentaries-production project titled ‘Not Discovered Yet’ that highlights the natural beauty of Oman. A team of international and local experts and filmmakers have been exploring 12 landmark destinations in Oman to be showcased in two documentaries. The documentaries will cover various aspects of the country’s wildlife and landscapes and will be broadcast on several well-known regional and international news networks and TV channels.

The Knowledge Exchange session held by OMINVEST hosted speakers from the documentary project’s international team, in addition to local organisations that contributed to the project. The speakers included: Stefania Muller, Director and Producer, Oman in Focus; Dr. Mansoor Al Jahdhami, Acting Director, General Office for Conservation of Environment, Diwan of Royal Court; Aziza Al Adhoobi, Wetland Management Head Section, Environment Authority; and Omar Al Riyami, Board Member, Environmental Society of Oman.

OMINVEST’s Group CEO AbdulAziz Al Balushi lauded the initiative and said, “Our partnership with Oman In Focus aligns with OMINVEST’s corporate purpose and its support of environmental conservation efforts and the development of eco-tourism in the Sultanate of Oman. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) best practices are highly regarded at OMINVEST internally and through our community-based initiatives. Accordingly, promoting the natural beauty and resources of our country and encouraging dialogue around environmental protection would further contribute to the wider collective efforts in this area.”

Al Balushi added “I would like to thank the participating speakers at the Knowledge Exchange session, the reputable organisations they represent, and the wider audience who took part in this enriching and enlightening dialogue. We are also grateful for the diligent efforts and dedication showcased by the Team at Oman In Focus. We look forward to a successful launch of the awaited documentaries in the near future.”

Maisa Al Hooti, Founder of Oman in Focus said, “It has been an immense pleasure working on our latest project with the generous support from OMINVEST. Together, we share the common goal of promoting responsible tourism in Oman. I have also had the great privilege of working with some of the country’s most esteemed Conservation Experts and Wildlife Researchers. I believe that, by working together, we can establish Oman as a top eco-tourism destination, which is in line with Vision 2040”.

Al Hooti added “My goal with Oman in Focus has always been to introduce to the rest of the world the natural wonders that we have to offer. I firmly believe that ‘Not Discovered Yet’ and the resulting documentaries will play an important part in promoting the Sultanate of Oman as an important wildlife destination”.

Commenting on the Knowledge Exchange session and some of the findings of the project, Omar Al Riyami, Board Member, Environmental Society of Oman said, “The Sultanate of Oman is blessed with tremendous natural beauty, a rich cultural heritage, and incredible biodiversity. As the country’s only environmental non-profit organisation, ESO has spent the last 17 years working to protect Oman’s environment through research, education, advocacy, and conservation. We are delighted to be supporting this event and the wider work of the Oman In Focus team to promote and celebrate the abundant biodiversity here in Oman. It is our hope that the wider project and this dialogue initiative will inspire the public to actively participate in the protection of one of the most fragile parts of Oman’s natural heritage.”

Stefania Muller, Director and Producer, Oman in Focus shared insight from the team’s filming experience and said, “The film team of Oman In Focus had the great privilege of filming and documenting the rare and beautiful natural assets of Oman. We shed light on many of Oman’s stunning creatures and the efforts that the Sultanate of Oman has in place to safeguard their existence; we do that in two documentaries: a two-part series called “Wild Oman” and a conservation story titled “Oman In Focus”. From its warm seas and pristine underwater reefs to its rugged mountains and stark deserts, Oman’s diverse landscapes are breath-taking, and the wild creatures that inhabit them are as endearing as they are rare. For the first time, their vivid imagery will be brought to the world.”

Not Discovered Yet is a follow-up to Maisa Al Hooti’s previous Oman in Focus Projects in 2014 and 2015. The first project focused on the people and landscapes of Oman while the other invited a team of underwater photographers to capture the Sultanate’s marine life. With the ‘Not Discovered Yet’ documentaries, viewers will be able to enjoy a more comprehensive visual journey of the country’s unique natural features and animals. Since March this year, Oman in Focus has so far managed to film and document some of the world’s most endangered and rarest species in their natural habitat. The Oman in Focus team has had the immense privilege of encountering animals such as sea turtles, Arabian Sea Humpback whales, Egyptian vultures, wolves, and foxes, to name but a few. All these intimate encounters have enabled the film makers to capture some incredible and unique footage; the documentaries are expected to premier on the third quarter of 2022.