OMINVEST meets with SMEs participating at Expo 2020

In line with its support to Omani Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and innovators participating at Expo 2020 Dubai, a team from Oman International Development and Investment Company SAOG (OMINVEST), the leading investment holding group in Oman, met with Omani SME owners and entrepreneurs at its premises this week.

The visiting entrepreneurs are amongst a group selected by the General Commission of the Sultanate at Expo 2020 to showcase their products and innovations at the Omani Pavilion. The group was accompanied by General Manager of Oman Trading Platform (Taiseer), Nada Bassam, who manages the SMEs participation at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Some members of the executive management at OMINVEST met with the SMEs group in an engaging session at OMINVEST’s offices. Anwar Al Jabri, Group President – Investment Banking at OMINVEST and CEO of Jabreen Capital, shared insight on the importance of mobility, resilience, and dedication in taking one’s business forward. He led an engaging discussion with the attendees on how to face market challenges and identify the right opportunities for growth, while sharing some inspiring stories.

Dr Shamsa Al Sheibani, Vice President – Economic Research at OMINVEST gave a brief about the group and its portfolio companies; she also shed light on practical tips for entrepreneurs and SME owners to achieve growth and sustainability for their businesses.

Lina Hussein, Vice President – Corporate Communications briefed the audience on OMINVEST’s purpose and values, the Group’s social impact initiatives, and the ongoing collaboration between OMINVEST and the General Commission of the Sultanate at Expo 2020.

As per its Strategic Partnership agreement with the General Commission, which was signed in April this year, OMINVEST has been extending support to Omani SMEs within the framework of Al Luban Initiative. In addition, OMINVEST has been working closely with the organizers on a special initiative to help identify and showcase innovative Omani products through various platforms and opportunities inside and outside the Oman Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Commenting on this visit, Anwar Al Jabri said, “It’s been a pleasure receiving such a promising group of Omani SME owners and innovators at our premises today. Building bridges between SMEs and large organizations is essential, especially during the difficult times SMEs have been facing since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. There were very interesting products showcased by the group today; we would be happy to consider some of them for our corporate gifts and other collaboration opportunities”.

He added, “we strongly believe in the important role of SMEs in the wellbeing of the economy; as such, our support to the Omani pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai has been linked to this important segment – SMEs and innovators. Showcasing their products at Expo is a very important opportunity for them and we hope they capitalize on it wholeheartedly as it will provide them with massive exposure and marketing opportunities”.

Expo 2020 has opened its doors to the public on October 1, 2021 and will be running for 6 months till March 31, 2022; the Oman Pavilion is located at the Mobility District. The Pavilion design is inspired by the Omani frankincense tree (Luban) and the internal space is divided into five zones that take visitors on a journey to discover Oman and its beauty.