OMINVEST Concludes 2-Day ESG Training for Group’s Middle Management

OMINVEST concluded a 2-day ESG training for members of Middle Management at OMINVEST, National Life & General Insurance Co., National Finance, Oman Arab Bank, Jabreen Capital, and Ubhar Capital. This training is part of a wider initiative by OMINVEST to raise awareness on the importance of ESG and strategic social impact across the Group, and help equip staff members to perform in this regard up to best standards and practices.

The training discussed the role of the Financial Sector and Investors in integrating ESG in business operations and investment decision-making processes; the different forms of ESG and Impact Investing; and the difference between ESG and social impact initiatives. ESG reporting and rating were discussed in detail, introducing most common frameworks and rating agencies. The training concluded with how to build strategies for scalable and sustainable social impact that aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.