Oman infocus

OMINVEST signed an agreement with ‘Oman In Focus’ as the Main Partner for video productions that raise global awareness of Oman’s natural beauty. The documentaries aim at promoting echo tourism and environment preservation in the Sultanate. In year 2021 a team of international and local experts and filmmakers explored 12 landmark destinations to cover various aspects of Oman’s wildlife and landscapes that make the country such a unique destination.

As part of the project, OMINVEST worked closely with the producers to facilitate knowledge exchange in the field of environment conservation and wildlife research between the international production team and local community members, including students and scholars.

Through this project, OMINVEST has also supported young Omani talents that have led and orchestrated this high-standard filmmaking effort.

- OMINVEST partners with “Oman In Focus” to promote the natural beauty of Oman

- OMINVEST holds a Knowledge Exchange session on Environmental Conservation in collaboration with ‘Oman In Focus’