Expo 2020

In line with OMINVEST’s purpose - Transforming Businesses to Enrich Societies - the General Commission of the Sultanate at Expo 2020 signed a Strategic Partnership agreement with OMINVEST towards supporting Omani innovators and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). As per the agreement, OMINVEST extended its support to the General Commission to promote SMEs at the Oman Pavilion.

OMINVEST also supported a special initiative designed to showcase Omani innovations during various exhibitions and activities that are held at this important six-month global event. Products by 300 Omani SMEs from various spheres of the economy were exhibited at the Oman Pavilion after providing the SMEs with all needed support and capacity building in preparation.

- OMINVEST signs strategic partnership in support of Omani innovators and SMEs at Expo 2020-Dubai

- OMINVEST meets with SMEs participating at Expo 2020