Commercial Banking

OMINVEST has a diversified portfolio of investments in Oman’s banking sector. Our banking portfolio comprises Oman Arab Bank, Ahli Bank and Bank Muscat:



Oman Arab Bank

Oman Arab Bank (OAB) is OMINVEST’s subsidiary and our largest investment in the banking sector. Since its inception in 1984, the bank has contributed significantly to the Group’s success through growth in profits and assets, and a steady stream of dividends.  It is one of largest local banks in Oman with total assets of $6.0 billion and total loans of over $4.8 billion. OAB is led by a visionary board and highly capable management team. It enjoys a strong balance sheet, an established brand, committed shareholders and a growing market position. Oman Arab Bank is privately held and is currently gearing up for an IPO.



Bank Muscat

OMINVEST, through its subsidiary Jabreen Capital, owns 9.99%  stake in Bank Muscat. It is Oman’s largest bank with total assets of $32 billion, total loans of $23 billion, 35% market share, 165 branches, and over 3,600 employees.


Ahli Bank

OMINVEST, through its subsidiary Jabreen Capital, owns an 8.4% stake in Ahli Bank. It is one of the most cost-efficient banks in Oman, has high credit quality with the lowest NPLs, and is well-positioned for growth. It has total assets of $5.9 billion and total loans of $4.9 billion.