Purpose Statement

Transforming Businesses to Enrich Societies

Our purpose aligns with our strong belief that business can be a significant catalyst for creating scalable economic, social and environmental value. It provides clear direction for our daily actions; unites our people together; and guides us towards fulfilling our vision.

We transform businesses in ways that contribute to their growth and excellence. In addition to providing our affiliate companies with growth capital, we work closely with them to build their operational and technical expertise. We support them in expanding their portfolios of products and services; we assist them in accessing new markets; and we push our management teams beyond their comfort zones and encourage them to think outside the box and innovate.

We strongly believe in the important role of business in enriching societies; our investment philosophy underpins that belief. Through our portfolio companies we provide societies with valuable services and solutions. We help create jobs, nourish talents, build expertise, foster innovation, encourage knowledge exchange, embrace ESG best practices, and support local communities.