Risk Management Framework

OMINVEST follows a robust board approved risk management framework. Through the delegation of authority and various policies; the board sets the guidelines and operating parameters for the management. These policies are reviewed periodically to capture the current dynamic operating environment.

Risk Management is core function at OMINVEST that follows a centralized approach with emphasis throughout the Company and its Investments. A proactive risk culture and awareness has been built across the organization. OMINVEST follows a four step process in its Risk Management approach; Identification, Analysis, Monitoring & Control and On-going Review.

Risk Management covers all applicable risks and concerns to ensure a robust and thorough coverage across all fields, including, strategy, business, investments, compliance, financial, operational, legal, human resources and other. Risk Management uses various mechanisms like risk registers to capture and monitor risk events (potential and existing) for all our investments.

OMINVEST is committed to highest standards of Corporate Governance.  The main pillars of Corporate Governance are Transparency, Accountability, Fairness and Responsibility.

A very comprehensive compliance mechanism has been put in place to ensure regulatory and internal compliance.